5 Luxury Rehab Centers in Malibu, California

An addict looking for a luxurious rehabilitation center to have a grip on his or her addiction is frankly, spoiled for choice. How do you pick one over the other and their prices hover around the same area? Should you look at the poshness of the center, the quality of its services, or its success rate?

After looking at a couple of metrics, I came up with the following list of the top rehabilitation centers to choose from – in Malibu, California.

  1. Passages Malibu

Treating more than 22 different types of addictions is the 23 million dollar mansion sitting on a ten acre piece of land along the Malibu coastline. It is 30 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles.

Passages Malibu neither sees alcohol and any drug addiction as a disease, nor do they follow the common 12-step program to treat addiction. Instead, they employ a holistic approach, with services tailored by the doctors and therapists to meet each client’s full needs, enhancing faster healing.

  1. Cliffside Malibu

Cliffside Malibu has its services and client base close to that of Passages Malibu. Cliffside also takes a holistic approach to treating addiction and offer a range of treatment options including; yoga, acupuncture, and equine therapy.

With one to four staff to client ratio, the clients’ needs are catered for perfectly. They offer the best one-on-one treatment and unlimited access to computers.

  1. Malibu Beach Recovery Center

Malibu Beach Recovery Center was established in 2007 with the recommended duration of the program being an exceptional 90 days.

The patients are treated as individuals (just as in Passages and Cliffside) but after that, they use a patented method to increase the dopamine levels and restore the chemical levels in the brain that might have been lost due to the addiction.

The program kicks off with a two-day family program aimed at restoring the family relationship that may have been damaged by the alcohol and/or substance abuse.

  1. Promises Addiction Treatment Center

What sets this Treatment Center apart from the abovementioned ones is the use of the 12-step treatment program for alcohol and drug recovery.

It has been actively teaching and addressing any other underlying medical disorders that may lead to drug use e.g. depression, sleep disorders, and ADHD for 25 years. With one to three staff to client ratio, alumni support and family counseling, their treatment is bound to show permanent results very fast.

  1. Summit Malibu

With panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by a large canyon, Summit Malibu is one if the leading upscale programs in Malibu. It is less than an hour from Los Angeles.

Its treatment program allows the clients to end their drug addiction problems while solving any underlying issues that they may have. In Summit Malibu, clients are given access to a swimming pool and a spa and are offered a family weekend aimed at helping anyone close to the addict deal with the pain of addiction.

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